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A tire waste management company is fully equipped to ensure that this service
helps your business to reach their goals more effectively and efficiently.

We deal in the following tire products:

  • Tire Cutting
  • Tire Bale
  • Tire Shredder
  • Tire Selling

Tires are one of the most interesting products to recycle simply because it can be turned into different useful products. The majority of the scrap tires are retreaded. Companies also use these scrap tires as fuel for burning. Your used tires can end up as playground equipment or rubber mulch and are even used for the construction of roads.

In 2019 it has become a common practice among huge corporations to prevent environmental damages their business operations may cause. This is where our company Paracha Brothers Inc. a tire waste management company comes into play, we help small businesses and huge corporations alike to recycle their scrap tires. Recycling is a process by which waste is converted into useful products. Recycling is simply done to preserve the environment for future generations.

If you are an Auto-service center or any kind of business which deals with used/scrap tires and you need to get rid of your tire waste, however, your business cannot drop the tires at a recycling center. Do not worry. We have the pick-up service specially designed for your business. The quality of our Pick-up service is well recognized in the market. We maintain our quality by making sure our customer needs are fulfilled and our truck drivers reach your location on time either they are being sent on Daily/weekly/monthly pick-up which your company scheduled with us.

We help our clients get ready for business plan. This usually from the following services :

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Problem Solving

  • Recycling Tires helps in conserving natural resources.
  • Recycling rubber is more cost-effective and proves to be beneficial for the environment.
  • Recycling tires reduces the number of tires which might have ended up in landfill, therefore reducing the chances of diseases and tire fires.

  • Tires contain chemicals that are dangerous to the environment, hence tires dumped in landfills can make the soil toxic. These chemicals spread over the area when mixed with water causing potential harm to anyone who may come in contact.
  • Landfill with tires is a health risk because trapped water inside tires attracts rodents and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases.
  • Tires can trap methane gas which increases the fire risk. Fire on tires is easily caused and difficult to extinguish. More tires in an area simply mean more chances of a tire fire.

Our drop-off services are designed to help you get rid of your scarp tires is the most timely, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Paracha brothers Inc. a tire waste management company not only takes full responsibility of the scrap tires coming into our facility,
furthermore we promise that none of the scrap tires will end up in a landfill again.

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