Details Of Services We Offer




Our drop-off services are designed to help you get rid of your scarp tires is the most timely, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Paracha brothers Inc. a tire waste management company not only takes full responsibility of the scrap tires coming into our facility, furthermore we promise that none of the scrap tires will end up in a landfill again.

How does our Drop-Off service work?

Our drop-off service is available for your business throughout the week from Monday till Saturday. Scheduling a drop-off of your waste tires is just a call away. Call us anytime during our business hours and we can provide you with the perfect timing for dropping of the waste tires either daily/weekly/monthly specifically designed to meet your business needs. We can help your business by disposing any quantity of used tires. We make sure your business needs are met at all times.

CALL us today to schedule a drop-off of your scrap tires. If your business is unable to Drop-Off scrap tires at our location. Kindly, look into our Pick-Up and Trailer Spotting services.




We offer pick-up service to businesses that are unable to drop-off their scrap tires at our location. Give us a call or email us to schedule a pick-up. We will come to your location with our trucks to pick your scrap tires.

How does our Pick-Up service work?

If you are an Auto-service center or any kind of business which deals with used/scrap tires and you need to get rid of your tire waste, however, your business cannot drop the tires at a recycling center. Do not worry. We have the pick-up service specially designed for your business. The quality of our Pick-up service is well recognized in the market. We maintain our quality by making sure our customer needs are fulfilled and our truck drivers reach your location on time either they are being sent on Daily/weekly/monthly pick-up which your company scheduled with us.

Does your business deal with tires? do you need someone to help you dispose of your scrap tires? CALL us today to schedule a cleanup.




We also offer trailer spotting services for business models that are unable to reach their full potential with our pick-up and drop-off services. besides daily/weekly/monthly scheduling of drop-offs and pick-ups services, we offer trailer spotting services with a two weeks turnaround. This service was designed especially for the convenience of our customers.

How does our Trailer-Spotting service work?

Paracha brothers Inc.- a tire waste management company is fully equipped to ensure that this service helps your business to reach their goals more effectively and efficiently. With over 35 trailers we ensure timely placement of the trailer at your location, once the trailer is full we will replace it with the empty trailer. Keep in mind our trailer turnaround is two weeks, which means we try our best to replace the trailers within two weeks maximum to ensure smooth business operation for us and our customers. 

CALL us today to get a trailer spotted at your location. Let us know when the trailer is full. We will come to remove the trailer and replace it with an empty trailer.